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accounting software

February 13, 2009
I suffered a calamity with my accounting software last month which led me to consider options to Quickbooks. QB is such a dominant software that in the past I wouldn’t have considered anything else. Now Windows Office Accounting is getting favorable reviews and MS is now promoting independant professional support. My first impressions are that MS Accounting has the edge over QB in terms of features, price, integration and stability. It would be an easy choice if starting a new business. But I am still not convinced that I want to¬†learn a new software system or invest the ramp up time to convert from the old system.

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  1. Teresa permalink

    As an Accountant, all I can say is QuickBooks is a horrid program. It will get small businesses into a lot of trouble down the road. CPA\’s may like it … as it will generate a lot of income for them – fixing massive journal entry errors throughout (A/P, A/R, P/R and of course – General Leger!). I took classes for this program 2 yrs. ago and was absolutely horrified! Too many things to list …. But I feel so sorry for small/medium business owners looking for \’cheap\’ ways to do their books. They don\’t realize how quickly they can get in trouble with BAD "Accounting" software (sorry – I DO NOT consider QuickBooks "Accounting Software" – at all! Nor do I consider it "record keeping" – again, too many things to list). Sorry for the rant … but I\’ve spent the last 15 years working with companies who have gotten into serious trouble, usually a combination of: greed / hiring cheap help / buying crap programs – which the cheap help is unable to know is BAD.

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