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What do planners and accountants expect from each other?

May 30, 2012

This topic is important to me as I revisit the issue of finding referral partners to trade tax and auditing work for planning work.

Article abstract from “The Planner Connection”:

One surprising finding in a survey of CPAs across the country was that advisers have several common misconceptions about CPAs that may create unnecessary problems or keep them from seeking out a CPA relationship at all. Sixty percent of the CPAs said it would not be a deterrent for them to refer clients to an adviser who had been in the business for less than three years – assuming, of course, that the client would receive the same level of service and professionalism he or she would get from a more seasoned adviser. Pertaining to the CFP designation (or lack thereof), 47% of CPAs interviewed said the CFP designation is not important to them when referring their clients to a planner. Many of these respondents indicated that the designation would be nice or helpful, but was not mandatory.

The CPA Connection: What do planners and accountants expect from each other? Here are the keys to building great referral relationships.

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