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Email scams about small business accounting

October 26, 2015

Small business accountants who provide online services report an increase in the number and level of sophistication of various attempted scams presented as business service emails. The emails are typically a purchase confirmation or a request for information about services.

I have received a variety of these myself and find it increasingly difficult to separate legitimate emails of this type from the fraudulent ones. The scammers use data mining technology to pull enough legitimate information into the email to make it seem credible. A wide variety of variations of these scams have been reported in accountants’ online support groups.

One of these scam messages is posted below:


One Comment
  1. Marc Jaffe permalink

    Tony – Lawyers have similar problems but at least when we receive a message that seeks us for services clearly outside scope of our practice areas as related in our website, we have a pretty good idea it’s a scam.

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